Happy Belated New Year!

First post of the year and I'm a week late. So it's a new year and it is the 7th year that I have started blogging on and off. Well I guess one of my resolutions will be to post more often. Cleaning up and redecorating the house seems to be another one of my goals this year. I'm in the process of cleaning up my aquariums and getting rid of the ones I don't need anymore. I've already sold my 20 gallon (that was a sad night for me). I have three more ten gallons and possibly a 5 gallon to get rid of also. Another thing todo is to go through and process my Europe and San Franscisco photos. It is quite a backlog. Finish playing Dragon Age: Origins, set up the XBox, play Halo: Reach, win more contests... Here I am rambling about boring things to do. I told you there is nothing juicy in my life. LOL well hopefully there will be more movie screenings and midnight launches in 2011 that I can blog about. I've already won my first screening of the year this week. So look forward to the post about it next week. I've also have to add up my contest wins of 2010. That will be my next post; probably tomorrow. I post about such boring stuff. Haha. Happy new year!

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