Bloedel Jewel Box of Lights


It was the last day of the Jewel Box of Lights display yesterday at the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park and M invited me to go see them. We went at a great time since we got to see the conservatory when it was still light enough to find the plants and birds on the self-guided tour and when we went around the second time, it was dark enough to fully enjoy the lights on display.

Heehee surfing Santa!

So many beautiful types of poinsettias were around the conservatory! The regular plants are cool looking too. We learned a lot from the self-guided tour. It was a little hard to locate some of the plants though and the I'm sure we didn't see all the types of birds are free to fly around the dome.



Carmen & Maria, Green Winged Macaws

Sylvester, the Silver Pheasant

Casey, Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot
Rosie, African Gray Parrot

We stood by the feeding station for just a little while when all the birds started to land there to our delight!

Ruby, Eclectus Parrot (female)
Kiwi, Eclectus Parrot (male)
Once the sun set, the place started to look a lot more festive.



The fountain outside is so pretty!

The Bloedel Conservatory is beautiful outside as well. We could see the lights shining through the dome and it does make it look like a jewel!

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