Smorgasborg of Food at #TasteAberdeen

The Taste of Aberdeen media event happened last Thursday and I was invited by ChineseBites to join other foodies to sample the top items from every food court vendor at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond.

There was even a menu prepared! There are plenty of food vendors to choose from in the Aberdeen food court. With 20 items on the menu, I prepared myself mentally for the onslaught of food to come.

We started with some drinks from several different vendors:
8 Juice House  - special (mango coconut juice with tapioca, mango and pomelo bits)
Estea Express - Milk tea with pearls
Strike - Matcha soy bean
Saboten - Iced Genmaicha (Japanese green tea)
Teppan Kitchen - Iced honey matcha tea
Bubble Waffle - Iced lemon Ribena

I tried the Ice lemon Ribena and I liked it. It's a sweet fizzy drink.

Sakura roll (prawn tempura, avocado, chopped scallop) - Aji Hana
Our first dish was the Sakura roll from Aji Hana. I wasn't expecting much from food court sushi but it tasted really good! Would consider this next time I'm there for a meal.

Pan fried Chinese chives with pork dumplings - Chef of Dumplings
Chive and Pork dumplings from Chef of Dumplings served with vinegar and soy sauce. Yum!

Bubble Waffles (original flavour) - Bubble Waffle
Bubble waffles! Yum! Bubble Waffle Cafe was one my favourite haunts even before this tasting event. It's cheap and yummy food. Tip: order online and pick up at Aberdeen and to decrease your wait time. Just pay and go. Also you can get 10% off with code: waffle123

Curry Fish balls - Bubble Waffle
 These are pretty good too. Little spicy.

Hot sour noodle - Szechuan House
 This was even spicier. Not really for me since I'm a wuss when it comes to spicy foods.

Deep fried chicken wings. Deep fried squid - Wu Fung Dessert
Delicious delcious deep fried chicken and deep fried squid from Wu Fung Dessert. Yes. 100x YES. Strange that they don't specialize in dessert given their name, but their fried chicken wings and squid are so good!

Prawn Wontons - Lung Kee
 Prawn wontons from Lung Kee. They are regular wontons. Don't know what else to say.

Club house sandwich - Stike
 I enjoyed this sandwich from Strike. Would be pretty filling lunch. So many layers!

Drunken chicken hotpot - Tofu Hotpot
 Drunken chicken hotpot from Tofu Hotpot. Had very good flavour and a strong rice wine scent. Yummy!

Popcorn chicken nuggets - Yougo Chicken
 I'm slowing down at this point. These chicken nuggets were ok. Could be better.

Baked pork chop on rice - Mambo Café
 This is a lot of pork and a lot of rice...

Chicken bulgogi & pork belly - Kitchen Korea

Sticky rice - Leung Kee

Soy sauce chicken and Long Gong chicken. - Leung Kee
 Really tasty chicken from Leung Kee.

Egg rolls - Strike
These tuna and egg crepes are kind of weird. I really don't like the warm tuna. Not my thing but it must be popular with some people to be one of the top items at Strike.

Saboten set (prawn, pork tenderloin, pork loin) - Saboten
 Deep fried stuff. It's ok. Maybe my mind is in the gutter but this is a poor food placement. XD

Hainanese chicken on rice - Café D'Lite Express
Chicken was ok. The oily rice was mmmmm.

'A' grade ribeye teppan with egg and corn - Teppan Kitchen
'A' grade ribeye teppan with egg and corn from Teppan Kitchen. Mix before eating. Pretty tasty!

Choco banana fresh cream mini crepe - Mazazu Crepe
 I enjoyed this crepe. Simple but delicious!

Mini cream puffs and cheesecake stick - Beard Papa's
Beard Papa's mini cream puffs are the best. The cheesecake stick is pretty good, too. It's a Japanese type cheesecake so it's lighter than a regular cheesecake.

Shaved ice ‐ A Dream in Eden (strawberries, kiwi, mango, mango ice cream) - Frappe Bliss
Shaved ice ‐ Matcha Delight (matcha ice cream, chewy rice balls, red bean) - Frappe Bliss
I love shaved ice, especially this light fluffy kind. It's a very light and tasty end to a food filled night! I was so full but shaved ice seems to make the bloated feeling better. YUM.

There were some hits and misses but safe to say the food court at Aberdeen Centre has many choices for anyone looking for lunch or dinner when they are out shopping.

Disclosure: The meal was provided free of charge by the vendors. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any other way.

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