Lost Dinosaurs & Star Trek Wars at West Coast Geeks vs Nerds

After what seemed like a long summer hiatus, the West Coast Geeks vs Nerds returned to the stage last Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 with regular laughs and all around good time. Hosted at the Electric Owl on Main Street, Vancouver, West Coast GvsN is a monthly, live, comedy debate-style show where pop culture icons are pit against each other in the ultimate showdown of trivia, gadgets, and witty banter. Their Season Two Premiere called "A Trip for Two," featured the island from Lost and the island of Jurassic Park and two classic second in commands - Spock and Darth Vader.

It looked to be a great turn out for the show. The audience was itching to get their fix of WC GvN after the summer break!

As usual, Chris "MooMan" Nyarady, the creator, producer and host of West Coast Geeks versus Nerds opened the show by revving up the audience's energy! Look at him go! So animated! His enthusiasm is infectious.

The opening debate answered the question:
Which one is the worst vacation destination: THE ISLAND (from LOST) or JURASSIC PARK?

For one that hadn't watched Lost at all, I appreciated the fun filled recap the MooMan gave. But what most impressed me was the Jurassic Park recap! All done in song! (Sorry, I didn't capture the beginning)

What a beautiful singing voice. XD

Team Nerds represented Jurassic Park.

Team Geeks represented the Island of Lost.

I had a feeling Jurassic Park would win!

The Geeks said that Jurassic Park shouldn't be a worst vacation destination because "we all want to go on a vacation to an island with dinosaurs. even if it costs our lives." So true. I'm wondering if the audience thought the question was which one is the worst vacation destination that we would voluntarily go to? Cause, let's face it. Who wouldn't want to go to Jurassic Park? They just need to fix their electric fences a little bit! XD

A brief intermission follows after the first debate. Attendees are encouraged to dress up because you may be rewarded for it! It's simple to win. Just impress the audience members who are not dressed up. Three guesses for who won the costume contest...

You sir are correct! It was this guy dressed as Emperor Palpatine. He looked hilariously creepy holding the dinosaur head that was part of his prize pack.

Heehee hilarious! Move over Vader! Looks like Emperor Palpatine has a NEW second in command.

The headliner debate for the night pits SPOCK against DARTH VADER: who is the better second in command?
If you are going to be on the Spock's team, you are obligated to give the "Live long and prosper" salute.

Team Geeks was made up of the original Starfleet crew.

Team Nerds debater, Justin came as none other than Queen Amidala!!! AMAZING COSTUME!

So entertaining to watch the debates. The debaters know their stuff. Team Nerds ended off by trying to bribe the audience with cookies. Delicious, delicious cookies...mmmmmm.

But in the end, the audience were not swayed and chose Spock as the champion! Woo! Live long and prosper indeed!

After the the debates come the draws for the raffle. Raffle prizes (and there are a lot of them) are courtesy sponsors: GameDeals Video Games, Connection Games & Comics, C & C Cakery, StormCrow Tavern, BookWarehouse, Toy Traders, Metropolis Toys and Comics, and Golden Age Collectibles.

Once again, West Coast Geeks and Nerds put on a great show for the geeky locals!  

For those interested, the next episode is going to be on October 8th featuring Godzilla vs Cthulhu and Jason Voorhees vs Hannibal Lecter. Hmm tough one. Tickets are only $10 at the door or online. Check out their Twitter and Facebook pages for more updates. If you are not interested in these icons, you can suggest future topics of debate on their Facebook page! See you at the next show!

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