Another Friday. Lovely. The anthro quiz was relatively easy. If I had studied better for chapter three I'd probably get it all right. I forgot to put down that homo habilis scavenged for meat. Whatever.

I went to an icebreaker at 5 today. It's actually my sister's club but she also joined another that had the icebreaker at the same time, in the same building AND they were beside each other. So I posed as her. I managed to get two plushies. Sweet. We had to leave early though because we had to go out to dinner with a family friend. It was embarressing because we were like an hour late. And it was a busy restaurant too. But oh well.

I'm so behind in chemistry. I'm apparently suppose to be up to chapter 6. I've only read chapter 1. o_0; Lots of catching up to do this weekend.

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