Campbell Soup

I made $15 doing a survey for 1 and a half hour at the Anthsoc building. Pretty sweet. Easy money. If only I knew about them last year. I'd be rich! Heheh. Not really.

I joined some clubs today at UBC. I joined MISA, SOS and a stamp and coin club. I didn't plan on joining the stamp club. I got sucked in by the person running the booth. I saw him dancing in the rain the other day and of course automatically assumed he was crazy (even though he said he wasn't). So today I saw him at his booth and I said that I saw him dancing in the rain and he laughed. So I asked him about his club. And he was so enthusiastic I couldn't disappoint him by not joining and it was only $2. So I did. I collect stamps anyways. Not seriously though. I like the new ones. And only the pretty ones. Animals are always good on stamps.

So after all of this my sister and I went to get Campbell Soup. They were giving them out on the field. So not to lose out on this opportunity, I went several times during the day. So in total we have 6 cans. These guys got a whole 24 case! We probably could have gotten more if we hadn't gone looking for Tower Beach. Took us so long to get there and by the time we got back the Campbell people were gone. Eh. Maybe they'll come back tomorrow. :)

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The Burninator said...

This is totally off the subject, but how is UBC? I was thinking about applying as a transfer student there for next year.
Oh and student organizations are fun. I just signed up for info on probably 5 or it's time to sort through all the crap and figure out which ones are actually interesting and worth staying involved in.
And soup is good.