Here I am wasting time again. Ah pooey. I guess I should be studying chem. I'll be complaining AGAIN by the time it's finals. Sigh. It never ends.

So I had this dream last night or rather this morning or rather this afternoon because I woke up at 1:30. Teehee. Anyways. It must be the Star Trek episode I watched combined with Andromeda. Trance was there and she was helping one of those "normal" augments. I don't exactly know what happened. Heheh. But then there was this turtle and I was making a home for it out of alfalfa spouts and other vegetables. Then I discovered that I can "cheat" on Neopets. In front of my house there were these items that were on the sidewalk. Well not on the sidewalk they were each in a little pit that fit them perfectly. There were neggs and books and other things and I discovered that I could take them out and each time I jumped the items would refresh and refill the pits. My sister and I got a lot of neggs and stuff and there were blueberries too! Haahaa! And talking flowers. Yeah so we had all these items and we took them in the house and took more items and they were piling in the house. Then I was like how are we going to get them in the computer??? Scan them? Haha. What a stupid dream.

I printed out some of my artwork at superstore yesterday and I like the result. The colours were really rich and beautiful. Huh. My dad said oh why can't you print it out at home? I scoff. What with our printers?! I don't think so!

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