We watched Cursed today. It was a free ticket so we had to go. I should have spent the time studying econ. What a lousy movie. I don't like how they portrayed the werewolves. The snout was too short in my opinion. It looked more like a bear wolf cross. Stupid. It wasn't scary at all. And I don't like that girl. I never did like her. She was in Casper and I didn't like her then and I don't like her now.

In other news, all my fish died. The copper one is MIA. Seriously. I don't know where she went! It's just an empty tank now. There's no body, no trace of her anywhere! It's so strange. But finally! An empty tank. I'll start over. Decontaminate it and get guppies instead. Then I'll start and insane genetic experiment by selective breeding! Muahaahahahahah!

Man I have a lot of studying to do tomorrow.

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