Weee! Long weekend!

So I went to metro today. And Old Navy was selling St. Patrick's day t-shirts for 97 cents! And there were these 49 cent bins too. I bought a touque and scarf for 1.97 cuz that's what the price tag said but Karen got her's for 49 cents! I'm so mad! Maybe I'll go tomorrow too. But I should go to church. It IS good Friday.

We went to eat sushi all-you-can-eat with everyone. I saw Xing Xing my baby cousin from China for the first time. She is SO CUTE! So adorable. But she's heading back to China. Gong ate a LOT today. That proves that he CAN eat. He just doesn't like Ma's food. Ha! But all he likes is salty and deep-fried stuff. He wouldn't listen to us and he drink that salty udon soup. Karen and I shared our food with him. We ate gyouzo(?), salad, seafood fried rice, seafood udon, cali rolls, bc rolls, dynamite roll and lots of other things. Gong also ate mou tuowe, and oysters and some others by himself! AND at the end he said he could eat some more! That he was only HALF-full! Heehee. We had fun.

But humph. I didn't get my green tea ice cream. You leave to go to the bathroom for a few minutes and they pay the bill already. HUMPH! Where's dessert?!

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