Yay! Final's over! I'm so glad. I think I did ok. But those probability type questions will be the death of me. I hate probability. But it's over! Until July that is. I'll be starting Bio 335 next week.

So... today I went to see Miss Congeniality 2. It was pretty funny. I thought it would suck but it didn't...that much. kidding. Karen will probably buy it (or maybe me for her) when it lowers in price. I'm guessing $17 something. Karen is guessing maybe $16.83.

Yesterday Karen's friend made her some dolls of TRIP AND T'POL!!! They are really cute. And Karen's making them make babies. (teehee) Hee! Karen requested Trip and girl too. Hahah. I've sucked her into the world of Star Trek. She watched the rest of my Enterprise DVDs WITHOUT ME too!

Oh and the day before yesterday I found an ant with wings. I caught it and I'm hoping it'll be a queen. heheh. Me and my bugs. She didn't shed her wings though so I think she wasn't fertilized. But today I found some white little spheres (eggs?) in the tank. Are they BUGS?!!

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