I had a weird dream this morning. I have to record it before I forget it like I always do.

So I'm at UBC starting the new school year. I was in class with Annie and somebody else I forgot who. And I think it was a compsci class too. So that class ended and Annie and that someone has Math 400 in the same room and Mr. Alderman was teaching! I asked that someone why she is taking it but she wouldn't answer me. So I checked my schedule and I had another class and I was going to be late! My next class was Math200 (it was so weird because I only had one class of math each week) and it was all the way at Buchanan (apparently I was very far away from it). So I jumped out of my seat and dashed toward Buchanan but I got LOST! On the way I ran into Karen Chu and her friend, and this guy that was also in my Math class. I was like 15 minutes late already. We were all running around and it was not like the regular UBC campus, it had A LOT of industrial areas and highways. We were at the edge of campus next to a highway and industrial parking lot (which was surrounded by chainlink fence) when I ran into Lisa! She said she was going to Buchanan too and she's lost also. Then after that we saw Winnie bringing KIM along! We were talking (Kim and I) and she was saying "It's been so long" and I was saying "Yeah I know!" But I had a retainer on (the bottom one, again weird because I only have the top one in real life) so I my speech was all muffled and slurred. Then we saw the Buchanan tower (actually it was more like two towers) so we cut across the industrial parking lot whereAndrea and Michelle joined us. But when we reached the end of the lot there was a fence that was closed by a chain. Maybe we could squeeze through... but we couldn't. Then I say move the chain up and Michelle yelled at me! Hehee just like in real life, Michelle is always reprimanding me. Then this HUGE guy came into the parking lot and we were afraid because we were kind of trespassing. So we all hid behind this shed but the big guy heard us and we kept hiding...and well I wouldn't know because I woke up. Heheh. What an interesting dream.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it's cool how we all somehow played a role in your dream.

Your #1 Fan- Winnie! said...

Wow, it's cool how we all somehow played a role in your dream.