Open Water Diver

This is it! I am officially certified as an open water diver!

We had 5 confined pool dives at the UBC swimming pool previously and this weekend we finally went into the ocean! We went to Wytecliff park on Saturday and Copper Cove today. We saw lots of sea stars, fish, crabs and some sea cucumbers today.

But aww we wanted to go see the anemone wall! But the instructor that took us on the second dive of the day only spent 17 minutes with us! And we only worked on our skills. Dive #4 was supposed to be a sightseeing tour. We even changed our tanks because we told that they were going to take us down longer. :(

Anyways, diving is so fun! the water. Because what kills me is the getting into and especially OUT of the water. Once I fall down in the shallows there is no getting back up again. My legs are just too weak. LOL.

That picture is of Copper Cove where we dove today. We have to walk down a fight of stairs to get down there. And that means carrying HEAVY tanks up and down that. My biceps are definately bigger than when I started.

Even though I'm certified and can dive on my own now, I'll still dive with two other people: a buddy and someone to help me get out the water and carry my tank. HAHAHAH! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

WOW! That's so amazing jenny!!!

Anonymous said...

It must be so cool to be able to dive. Some day, when I have the time, I want to get certified as well. I love being underwater. If I was a fish, I would be the happiest fish in the ocean xD;;;
I am so happy for you! ^^*

Anonymous said...

Ya, my experience is the same. For a "Shore" Dive the shore sure seems to be a long way from the parking lot.

There has to be some easier dives around here?

Do you know any?

What about Belcarra or Deep Cove?