Aquarium update

One of the males my friends got for me is dead. I think the other male killed him because he bullies the female too! I searched online for the cause of this aggressiveness and turns out I should keep at least 5 white clouds together with more females than males.

So today I went and bought 3 more FEMALE white clouds. Heheh I said to the staff I want the fat ones. Heehee.

Yeah so he's still bullying but I think there is a female that is not afraid to bully him back so it's all far.

Heehee. Do you see the Axel, the shrimp on the log? He is SO CUTE! I love shrimp. He might be starving though because I don't have any algae yet. Gotta get him something to eat!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Axel is so cute! I have tried talking to my dad about getting some shrimp for me x3 If I am lucky, the ones at the store are large, so I can buy some x3 Becuase they get so large, 2 inches, I figured my pleco would not really be able to eat them. His mouth is not -that- big. They are expensive though. It would be bad if they were eaten Dx
I want cherry shrimp, because I would see them better as my tank is so large. They are not for sale anywere close to where I live though /=

Anyway, you can drop some cucumber and lettuce into the tank for Axel to eat. All kinds of vegetables and fruits, I think he would eat. Not too big pieces though xD;;;