The Start of a 10 Gallon Planted Community Tank

I've been planning this for a long time. I'm feeling a bit more ambitious this time and will be attempting a planted AND warm water aquarium!

Last week I went to Big Al's to buy gravel. I ended up buying FloraBase substrate and a whole bunch of plants as well! There was a sale on and some other guy bought a lot of plants and I thought I might as well get some too.

I bought 3 bunches of Java ferns, 1 hygrophilia polysperma, and 2 plants I can't identify maybe some type of Vallisneria or Lilaeopsis macloviana and Limnophila aquatica or Cabomba caroliniana. I hope it is not the latter because that is hard to grow! I shouldn't buy plants that aren't labeled. I asked the store person but he didn't know either! X( But I bought it anyways because it is a pretty plant. XD

I didn't have anything to attach the Java Ferns to so I just kinda left them floating about in the center of the aquarium. But today my dad help me find his BC Jade from his old aquarium. He used to have a 55 gallon aquarium at the old house. We can still see the indentation the weight of the water made on the floor!
I only have one light bulb so I have to keep switching sides. My plants started to disintegrate when I didn't!

I also cleaned out my 2 gallon. I found out my white clouds had some more babies but I didn't want to take care of them so I just left them in there. They'll proabaly get eaten by their parents. I moved some plants from that tank to the 10 gal. There are some leafy plants that came with the Java moss that I can't identify. Does anyone know what that plant is? --->

This week I bought 3 Glowlite tetras and some more plants. I think the Glowlites are pretty but Karen thinks they are ugly. She prefers neon tetras. I don't want to buy them yet. I want the plants to grow a bit first.

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