And Then There Were None

Ah I'm so sad! All my fish died! Well not ALL my fish, just the tetras and the oto. :( That's 3 glo-lites and 5 neons gone. I think it was a heater malfunction. The water was sooo hot. They got boiled to death.

This morning I found two of the glo-lites had died. I thought it was odd but didn't do anything about it. I thought I'll fish them out when I get back from work...When I got back they had all died! I'm so sad. They were so fun to watch. The sucker fish was still swimming around at that time but it was slowly dying.

Amazingly the shrimp is still alive. So are the six guppies...and the baby guppies! Yes, I found 5 more baby guppies in the tank. I fished them all out. Heehee. Some are not very strong looking. Maybe they haven't had any luck in finding food to eat...or effects of the boiling water.

Stupid heater. On one of the hottest days of the year too. >=(

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