New Aquarium Layout


I rearranged my aquarium (again) today. I actually went out and bought some driftwood and slate so that I could start aquascaping. So here is the result. The left is still a little bare...I'm waiting for my plants to grow first so that I can take some cuttings and filling in those bare spots.

I also bought some proper lighting and test kits. I found that I was using only a 3000K bulb. So I went to Home Depot and bought a 6500K compact fluorescent. It is way brighter! Maybe that is why all my plants were looking miserable. lol. This is costing me quite a little fortune...And still I want a 55 gallon.

I also have about 23 baby guppies O_o hence the small plastic tanks I'm floating in the corners. They are growing so fast!

Hehehe it seems this has become my aquarium blog...

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Anonymous said...

wow, that looks awesome!