Full Moon Evening Explorer

Just came back from the Full Moon Evening Explorer kayaking tour at Deep Cove. It was pretty cool. The moon was breathtakingly beautiful. I had to resist the natural urge to howl or people would think I'm crazy. lol I know I'm crazy but I don't want strangers to know. =P The moon was pretty full but I'm not sure it was completely full.

It costs $55 for a single kayak and $40 for a double kayak (per person) from 8pm to 11pm. I doubled with Winnie. lol We forgot how to steer at the beginning heheh. But we bounced back quickly. Power strokes! I was so tired at the end I couldn't lift up my paddle over my head.

Besides the moon we saw bioluminescence in the water. It was so pretty like fairy dust. Beautiful.

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Winnie said...

WOW... that's an awesome picture!

winnie said...

WOW... that's an awesome picture!