Back To School Rush

School actually started yesterday but I only had one class and first day usually is not that bad. I don't want to go to school anymore! I miss work. I just have to hang on for one more year...

The buses are so busy this year! Every time I get on I barely get on. This morning the 43 AND the 41 bus was completely full! I had to get on the next 41. I feel so sorry for the people at Kerrisdale because there was a huge crowd of people there but the bus was still full; nobody could get on. The buses get more full each year! I think it is because new people are going to UBC but the existing students don't graduate! (i.e. me lol) So it is good to plan out your degree and get out of there fast so that you don't have to use the bus anymore. I can't believe everyone is encouraging taking the bus (and I'm all for it; I take the bus to work) when there are not enough buses to take! You probably have to leave your home 1-3 hours ahead just to get to school on time depending on where you live. That's ridiculous! It's worse than the airport!

Another complaint I have is with UBC. They changed their PRS system again! What the heck?! They just changed it about 2 years ago! And now the bookstore has reached its quota on PRS buybacks. They said to come back January. >=( I know what school I'm not going to donate to.

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