Plant Sale

I went to the annual Vandusen Garden Plant Sale today. It was so crowded but I guess it is like that every year. There were many plants there but all the nice ones were already bought because people started lining up for the 10am sale at 6am! I went fairly late - about 2:30pm. The sale ended at 4pm. I went there with the intention of buying a nice Magnolia tree for our garden. When I finally found the section with the Magnolia trees, there didn't seem to be a whole lot left. The volunteer was very nice and helped me choose one that didn't grow too big. I wanted one that was purple-pink and was fragrant. I had planned to get the Magnolia 'Galaxy' type but she said it would grow very tall (up to 40ft!) and might be too big for a regular city plot. I ended up getting the `Betty` which has a nice pink colour and grows up to 10 feet. I also ended up purchasing a Peony. I wanted to buy more plants buy the problem was I wasn't prepared and didn't go with a wagon. I only had two hands so I could only buy two plants. Oh well, there's always next year!

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