Ultra Palmolive Dish Soap Review

I was sent a bottle of Ultra Palmolive Aroma Sensations dish washing liquid to test out from BzzAgent, an awesome word of mouth company. Palmolive has changed the look of their line of dish soap and revamped the formula to a new and more powerful cleaning solution! I was sent a bottle of Aroma Sensations, with the Fresh Green Apple scent but it also comes in other scents such as Lavender and Tropical Blossom.

I've been using it for the past few days and I'm quite pleased with it. I've used Palmolive in the past but now because of their new formula, it only requires a little amount of detergent to make all my dishes nice and clean! Plus Palmolive is phosphate free and uses biodegradable ingredients in its formula so that's good for the environment! I really like how it smells and the green colour of the soap is also very pleasing to the eye. I'm looking forward to trying the other scents as well.

If you or anyone you know would like to try Palmolive's new Aroma Sensations, I have several $0.50 off coupons for any Ultra Palmolive 591ml dish liquid. Just leave me a comment or send me your email, and I will send a coupon your way. Canadian residents only please. If you live in the US, the Palmolive site has a $1 off coupon available for normal Palmolive and a $0.55 off coupon for Aroma Sensations.

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