Cemetery Junction

"Throw your heart ahead of you and run up to catch it." - ancient Arab proverb

This was the premise of film Cemetery Junction; a film set in the 1970s about living and chasing your passions. Cemetery Junction is a small town were most people just work in a factory and many never aspire to do any more than that. The film focuses on Freddy and his two friends who like all young men, like to get into trouble. Freddy however wants to do more than work in a factory, so he takes a job as a insurance salesman. An old childhood friends turns up and they both start to feel an attraction to each other, however she is engaged to his co-worker. The rest of the film focuses on self-discovery of the three boys.

Not a bad movie. I always feel that The movies that I've been watching seem to telling me to just go out and DO things instead of waiting for things to happen. These boys were like that. They were just waiting. Always say they are going to leave their town but never getting around to doing it.

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