Disney's Tangled Movie Review

Tangled is a retelling of the fairy tale Rapunzel. In Disney's version, Rapunzel is a princess, kidnapped as a baby and locked up in a hidden tower by Mother Gothel. Why would she do this? Well, Mother Gothel is an evil old lady that wants to use Rapunzel's magical hair to keep herself young. She's managed to convince Rapunzel to stay in the tower for 18 years by telling her that the outside world is too dangerous for her. Along comes theif Flynn Ryder who accidentally stumbles across the tower while trying to escape the palace guards. Rapunzel convinces Flynn to take her out of the tower to see the floating lanterns, that always seem to appear on her birthday. But Mother Gothel is not going to stand idle while her precious fountain of youth walks out the door and also everyone seems to want a piece of Flynn! A hair-raising adventure ensues...

I have to say Tangled is AWESOME! I was looking forward to watching it and Disney did not disappoint! I loved the animation, the story, the music, everything.

Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (from TV series Chuck) voices Flynn Ryder. They did a very good job of making their characters come alive. One of my favourite non-voice characters is Rapunzel's pet chameleon, Pascal. He didn't need to utter a single word but he made the audience laugh all the time. As with all Disney movies, there is singing. Alan Menken does it again with an awesome set of songs and score. I loved all the songs and I might even purchase the soundtrack!

Tangled is shown in 3D but I thought that it wasn't necessary. There weren't many places where Disney took advantage of the 3D effect. The movie would be enjoyed the same if watching on regular screen. If you are planning to bring your kids to watch a movie, you can't go wrong with Tangled. Disney delivers a very entertaining, humerous and unique spin to a story that kids and even adults will love.

Tangled is in theatres Wednesday, November 24, 2010.

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