Kinect for XBox360 Midnight Launch Party


I went to the midnight launch at Best Buy on Wednesday night to check out the new Kinect. There was a crowd but not in the numbers as the launch party for Halo Reach or Starcraft. About 200 or so people showed up. Diamonds in the Rough and Blueprint Cru (runner up in America's Best Dance Crew) were there and gave awesome performances. They also played with Kinect, especially with the Dance Central game. Not surprisingly they all got high scores! Kinect is very fun to play. I can see how this might have the potential to overtake the Wii or PS3 someday, but better games have to come out first.

I tried out the Joy Ride game but the sensor had trouble detecting me so I ended up driving in circles. Everyone laughed. T_T I thought the sensor might use heat to detect where someone is and I was very cold and my fake leather jacket didn't help either. Turns out I was right! One of the sensors on the bar is a infrared red sensor! Still very fun and people probably won't play outside in the cold anyways.

I had a good time and got a Kinect hat signed by the Blueprint Cru and also a picture taken with them! Yay!

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