World of Warcraft:Cataclysm Midnight Launch


Best Buy had the midnight launch of World of Warcraft:Cataclysm on monday. There are two versions available. The regular game goes for $39.99 and Collector's Edition is $84.99. For $45 more you get exclusive in-game content, trading cards, art book, soundtrack, behind the scenes DVD and a mouse pad.

It was fairly quiet at the Cambie location. They also hosted a costume contest again. This time two winners got an HP AMD Quad Core and Triple Core respectively. I heard that downtown Futureshop also hosted their own contest. There were a lot of good costumes. In my mind I thought that the person who paints themselves blue would win. And I was right. A girl showed up late with her boyfriend. They both had awesome costumes and but she was all blue. She won the quad core laptop and a guy that dressed up like some kind of mage won second. There were also incentives to line up early. The first 50 people at the Cambie store would get a Steelseries Original WoW MMO mouse! More than 50 people were sitting outside by 9pm already waiting in anticipation.

In addition to the costume contest, there was a draw for the WoW:Cataclysm Collector's Edition...And guess who won it! Blue girl's boyfriend! They are so lucky! What are the odds?! They left shortly after receiving their prizes. A lucky person also won a large vinyl WoW poster.

It was also the midnight launch of Inception and Shrek 4...not that anybody cared.

In other news, I am currently in a contest that BestBuy is hosting on Facebook. It's the Unboxing Day contest and I'm currently in the top 2 and need a lot of help to stay there. I need people to vote for me and you can vote every day until Dec 31. Everytime you vote, you get entered into a weekly draw for a $150 BestBuy giftcard! So the more you vote, the better the chance you will have! Please vote for Jenny Lee. Thank you very much!

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nice blog and good luck with your contest!

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nice blog and good luck with your contest!