The Hangover Part II - Movie Review

The wolfpack is back! Set several years later after the first movie, we find out that Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married (the Vegas marriage didn't work out) to a sweet girl named Lauren. Not wanting to risk another incident like that last time, Stu tries to play it safe, forgoing the bachelor party and refusing to invite Alan (Zach Galifianakis). After some convincing from Phil (Bradley Cooper)and Doug (Justin Bartha), Stu finally relents and invites Alan and gang travels together to exotic Thailand for the wedding. The couple of nights before the wedding, the guys and Stu's fiancee convinces him to have just one drink at a bonfire on the beach with the guys and Teddy (Mason Lee), the bride's genius, cello-playing, younger brother. You just KNOW something awful will happen...and it does! Phil, Alan and Stu wake up to find themselves in a strange motel somewhere in Bangkok with a monkey and Teddy missing except for one of his fingers...With the wedding coming up fast, the three will have to take to the gritty streets of Bangkok to dodge drug dealers, canvas strip clubs and monasteries to find Teddy and get back in time for the wedding!

This movie is even more out there than the first one. The story has pretty much the same elements from the first movie - loss of memory, someone is missing, gangsters want money in exchange for their friend, that sort of thing but they top it by adding a lot of shock factor. It is hilarious! Plenty of laughs throughout the movie and the characters are as funny as always. These characters have amazing chemistry. Ken Jeong reprises his role as the crazy criminal Mr. Chow but I was most impressed by the monkey's acting! You'll love every moment Crystal the Monkey is on scene. And wow when they rated it R, they weren't kidding. There are many MANY instances of male genitalia on screen. A lot of jokes revolved around them too. Highly recommended if you want to relive the first movie and are in for some mindlessly fun humour.

The Hangover Part II is in theatres today Thursday, May 26, 2011!

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