Canucks vs Predators Playoff Game 5

I was so lucky to win a pair of tickets to Game 5 of the Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators playoff game today, courtesy of The Cactus Club Cafe! Please follow them on Facebook and on Twitter! They are awesome! They were pretty sweet seats too - row 12, centre ice, right behind the players bench! I had a great time there. The crowd was just so intense and electric. We stood up and flung our towels for everything! It's so different from a regular season game.The green men were there too and they found a way to get away with the NHL ban on doing handstands by using a cardboard cutout! Hahahah! They are hilarious! Too bad the Canucks couldn't finish the Preds off today due to some unlucky/accidental goals. Kesler was awesome as usual, scoring 2 of our 3 goals! I took a lot of photos of him because he is what the fans want! Don't get me wrong, I still love's just he has some competition now. Hehehe. Go Canucks! Looking forward to Game 6!

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