StarCraft 2 Unboxing Photos

Yep. I'm officially a geek. If I already wasn't before, unboxing photos of a video game will make me one. This is what I was doing after my vacation to Hawaii - posts on that coming soon.

I got the game finally during the US Black Friday sale for $29.99. It is regularly $59.99 so I thought it would be a good time to get it. I've actually finished playing this game today. I spent 3 days/nights playing. It is SO ADDICTIVE. I can understand why people play this in tournaments now! It's HUGE in Korea there's even a TV show where pros play against each other for the ultimate supremacy!

Well anyways, here are the unboxing photos. The box has a flap that opens up.

Inside, there are a couple of guest passes for me to give to friends so they can try out the game, a notepad, instruction manual and the installation CD.

It was so worth the $29.99. I've only gone through the solo campaign and there are still paths in the game I haven't played yet and the multiplayer. I'm also looking forward to the expansion Heart of the Swarm which should be coming out in 2012 sometime.

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