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I went to Bistro Sakana in Yaletown on Friday night to celebrate a M`s birthday with some other friends. Without the outdoor seating area, the restaurant is quite small. The back wall is decorated with sake bottles and the right wall has a silent black and white movie projected on it. Sometimes the images are not exactly suitable for dinner but almost nobody notices anyways.

Bistro Sakana has a large varied menu. It was hard to choose only a few things to try! I ended up trying a fresh oyster (which has made me craving more), tuna and salmon sashimi, unagi roll and the restaurant's special Super 7 combo which includes 7 different types of sushi.

The oyster was so refreshing. I want more.

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi
The tuna and salmon sashimi was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Black cod

Unagi Roll

Caterpillar Roll

Teppan Roll
Super 7 Combo

After all the rolls were finished, we didn't stop and went on to dessert. Yummy!

Cream "Panko" Chestnuts
I tried the Cream "Panko Chestnuts and it is visually amazing dish! What I think are noodles swirl around the vanilla ice cream like a Lady Gaga galaxy dress. It was pretty good. The chestnuts were quite bland though but I guess the ice cream and the caramel drizzle takes care of the sweetness.

Banana Tempura Ice Cream Surprise

Creme Brulee Trio
The meal was delicious and visually appealing but a little small. We were joking that we should get ramen afterwards. The service was friendly and polite but so slow! Our rolls took a very long time to come. We think it may be due to what I ordered since they have to wait until someone orders each roll?! But that doesn't really make sense. Still it was a delicious meal and the seafood is fresh. I'd recommend trying it out if you haven't yet!

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Shelly said...

This place looks fabulous.  We will definitely give it a try.  Very creative looking offerings!