Simply Thai


Went out for Thai food before the Trews concert. Simply Thai is located on Hamilton Street in Yaletown.

It is a nice small restaurant, simply decorated. Love the artwork on the wall!

Kao Pad - $15
We decided to order a rice and noodle dish. Kao Pad is fried rice with shrimp, onions, tomatoes, green beans & egg. Ordered it mild but I thought it still had a lot of pepper in it. It was pretty good though!

Pad Thai (The Real Way) - $15
Pad Thai was a little wet. I don't eat Thai food a lot so I'm not sure if Pad Thai is suppose to be this way. Still it was delicious!

The "Pear"
Finally the dessert. I looked at the dessert menu before we ordered and I already knew what I wanted to get. The "Pear" is hazelnut ice cream dipped in chocolate, shaped in a pear, with whipped cream on the side. It was to die for! Omgosh I could have eaten another... P=

Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse
K ordered the Raspberry Chocolate Mousse. I didn't try it but she thought it was a bit old? Still tasty but the middle was frozen.

Coconut Ice Cream
And a scoop of coconut ice cream. This was so good too. I love coconut ice cream or gelato. When I was in Italy, I ate coconut geleto the most. But if you order this and the Pear too, eat the Pear first. The coconut ice cream is a lot sweeter than the Pear. Nothing wrong with that. I could use another scoop right now too. =)

All in all, it was a very filling meal. We weren't even able to finish the two dishes. (There's always room for dessert) I should eat Thai more often!

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