Beat the Heat at Icy Bar

Hot summer weather calls for icy cold treats and Icy Bar delivers! Chinese Bites invited me and a bunch of other foodies to enjoy delicious cold desserts at Icy Bar on Kingsway and Boundary. The place is normally closed on Tuesday but opened just for us. They serve icy desserts as well as drinks, and a variety of Taiwanese and Asian sweets, toasts, pancakes, and a few savory items.

We started with two different bowls of the Traditional Eight Mix Icy (photo above). The toppings are all customizable so you can pick and choose your favourites. Icy Bar also provides a bottle of condensed milk for you to add on to your icy if it is not sweet enough.

I loved the Mango Ice Cream Mochi Icy. Mango mango mango! I think the fresh fruit ice bowls are usually the best, especially when the fruits are in season. The yummy mochi are also made from scratch!

Strawberry Mango Ice Cream Icy

Each one of us got to order a milkshake drink. I chose the durian milkshake much to the dismay of my neighbour. Hahah! It had a good strong smell (some may debate whether it is actually a "good" smell or not) but I thought it wasn't sweet enough. Eating some of the icy makes the drink tasteless. Maybe it was because the durian wasn't very ripe.

Icy Bar also has other non-icy things on their menu. This is their Pancake series - a dessert filled with whipping cream and fillings such as strawberry, mango, durian, and taro. These are made fresh every day.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they served tea eggs at Icy Bar. I had ordered one at the Kingsway/Dumfries location before and it was sort of bland. Here, it was salty and not too much of a tea flavour but I still liked it. I guess I'm spoiled by the ones my mom makes. =P

This Chocolate Honey Toast was so good!

Plant Puddings are interesting. They are very cute and come in five different flavours: Original, Durian, Mango, Oreo and Tiramisu. I tried the Oreo one and I loved it! It almost had a coffee flavour to it.

Black Rice with Coconut Milk

Red Bean Green Tea Ice Cream on Thick Toast

Tofu Pudding with customizable toppings

Besides ice bowls, Icy Bar also serves flavoured shaved ice, which I had at the Kingsway/King Ed location. If you are looking to beat the heat, Icy Bar is a pretty good choice. They have a total of five locations around the lower mainland.

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Disclosure: The meal was provided free of charge by the restaurant. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any other way.

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