Eh! Finally it's Friday. Sigh. Another week come and gone. Time goes by so fast these days.

I'm wasting my time buying chocos on Neopets. I wanna get rich quick so I can buy a good weapon - one of those hidden tower ones. Maybe I should sell my green gallery. It takes up too much money. I've stopped training Classique. I'm just gonna let the lab ray do it's job even if - heaven forbid - she goes all the way back to level 1. Codestones are too expensive. Shouldn't have wasted so many. Oh well.

I started doodling raccoons now. I can't do squirrels. Raccoons are cute. But sometimes mine look like rats - at least that is what my sis said. I should upload some more stuff. I have a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be coloured. And I still have that childhood pic of my mum's family to colourize. THAT is going to take me forever. I have no skills. bleh.

I'm going to visit the SPCA tomorrow. They have 6 rats and I want to see them. If only my mum will let me have one..or two. eh. like that's ever going to happen. Hopefully I will have the courage to ask to volunteer there. hmm. let's hope so.

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