Weeeee! My sis got me raisins from superstore!....*cough cough* You don't have to look THAT weirdly.

Ooook so I didn't go to the SPCA today. BUT it was raining and I didn't want to take the bus. All wet and icky. Do you know what wet bus smells like?! I won't elaborate cuz I don't know what I'm the heck talking aboot. Sigh. If it isn't raining tomorrow I'll go. But then I'll have to do my bio essay. I always waste Saturdays away.
I spent the day watching TV, surfing the net and colouring pics. I watched Robin Hood in the afternoon and just finished Original Sins right now. So much sex in OS. bleh. But I'm glad the pimp died. Oops. Spoiled it for those of you who haven't watched it. But like I said who on earth is going to read this anyways.

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