Stupid Mosquito

Humph. The more I think about it the more angry I get. Maybe I should just stop thinking. Chem is just horrible. I had so many stupid mistakes on the midterm. I could have gotten 7 more marks. I just hate myself. I CAN'T COUNT. Four 2's do NOT make up 10. Will somebody tell my brain that! Arhg. One thing I'll say about chem is that the demonstrations are kick-ass! Gotta love the explosions.

Stupid english. I'm trying to write a essay on why cloning is wrong. But I've been sitting here for like 6 hours and NOTHING. And now this stupid mosquito is bothering me. When I get my hands on it I'll squash it like the bug it is, maybe I'll drown it instead. Pluck off it's wings and flush it down the toilet. Stupid mosquitos. They don't have any purpose except to carry disease and feed other bugs and things. Pf.

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