I went to the fireworks yesterday! It was China. I had so much fun! I would bring a bigger umbrella next time. It was so hot and we had to walk so far. When we got there we took so much space. We had a lot of mats and I had my picnic blanket and we put them over the sand. People would kick sand onto them occasionally though. We were positioned right in front of the boat where they were going to blow up the fireworks.

After we got settled we ate stuff and played games. Annie suggested we play Old Maid. She was reading the instructions but nobody was really listening. And we said she was speaking Korean. Hahahh! Eventually we played it. You know it is so hard to play old maid with 6 people. It takes so long before everyone gets the pairs. And you know what? ANNIE ended up as the Old Maid! HAHAHAH!

We play Uno after that but everyone were confused by the rules and there was a lot of yelling. I had fun though. I'd like to play it again even though they said never again. Heehee.

Some things that annoyed me yesterday was that some people close to us were smoking weed! O-M-G. I was so angry. I was looking for the police. But they did come so I just gave them dirty looks...at their backs. I was going to take incriminating photos and send them to the police. X:( Then after when the fireworks started this person in front of us was waving around her glowy stick thing! I wanted to throw things as her. She was just holding it up. It was RUINING ALL MY PHOTOS! I'll kill her. Again dirty looks at her back. People these days.

It was very crowded after the fireworks. I heard today that someone was stabbed too. That was why the ambulance I saw was there. If my mom finds out I'll never be able to go again. But I don't particularly want to. It's too hot and people are too rude. When we were leaving with the crowd, this girl was saying, to no one in particular, something about moving and stupid people. I replied back "Well guess what? You're part of the stupid people too!" I don't think she heard me though. Hahahha. Yeah I had fun.

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Jenny said...

I was wondering why you didn't come!

chilly said...

I wish I had time to go. I haven't been to the fireworks in ages. Sigh. I guess next year !