Today I went to Best Buy with Karen. She had just finished writing her chem exam. She said she didn't do very well though. :( Poor Karen. Yeah so we went to BB to use our $5 coupons! Heehee! But I'd bought everything I'd wanted at Futureshop! So I ended up getting Coyote Ugly and Karen got some CD. After that we just went home. I continued to read The Da Vinci Code. It's very interesting and thrilling to read. I like it. I stayed up til 3 yesterday reading it. LOL. My mum's gonna kill me if she finds out. But anyways I think the Mona Lisa is very scary looking. She ALWAYS LOOKS AT YOU! If some person on the street stared at you like that with THAT continual smile?! I'd call the police. I don't get why people say she's pretty. Crazy people. (I mean no offense though. People are entitled to their own opinions)

So tonight we went to all-you-can-eat sushi. We ordered so much masago. Well, actually Karen ate most of it. We ordered a lot of jello too. But after 7 came in a row, Ma "helped" us eat some, much to the dismay of Karen. She claimed Ma stole her jello. LOL. Then she wouldn't let us order anymore >:( But this is the first time with all-you-can-eat sushi with Auntie Maria that we DIDN'T have to stuff ourselves (much) and secretly throw things away in the bathroom. Of course there were the OCCASIONAL rice that ACCIDENTALLY on purpose we had to throw them away...under the bowls. Eh-hem.

After that we went to night market. Karen and I bought a yellow Beckham coat for Sunny! Heeheehee! He'll look to cute in it. I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow. Hahaha.

Oh and I didn't fail Bio335 but I didn't get a very good grade at all. 68 I think. I think I'm getting into the Microbi program though! Dr. Ramey e-mailed me today and said I was at the top of the waiting list and there are spots available! Yay! (and AUGH!)

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