I went to PNE today with Karen, Gong and Meighen. Gong had fun at the casino. He won $70 playing blackjack. Heheh. The woman dealer kept going over 21. We went off to play some games but there weren't any prizes worthy of getting so we didn't play anything. We ended up watching a motorcross championship tournament. I thought it was pretty cool. I took a lot of pictures of them. The youngest was 17, I think. He's pretty hot looking too. Too bad he's too young. XDDD I didn't get a pic of him though. I forgot to but I got his autograph execpt I don't remember which one it is. I'll post a scan of the autographs later. It's so sad. I only had a small blank piece of paper for them to sign on. I should have gotten a PNE pamphlet. Karen had hers and they signed it on that.

This year we didn't go to too many places. We didn't even see the Superdogs! We stayed to watch a cooking show instead. And we didn't get enough time to walk around the Marketplace. Oh well. Heheh Gong made us eat a lot of stuff. He bought popsicles and ice cream and hot dogs for us. Oy. My thighs.

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Anonymous said...

The Superdogs weren't that great this year. So you didn't miss out very much. A lot of the dogs were new and they weren't trained very well. There weren't two teams of dogs competing with each other like they did all the other years. I was eating a corndog during the show. Oooh.. it was soooo goooooooooooooood!

Jenny said...

OH! I wanted a corndog! *sob*