Hurray! My last exam was yesterday! I had such a hard time though. Not with the exam...well maybe a little. But I had a stomachache and I was seeing stars. I had to go to the washroom and I almost fainted! Of all the days to have intestinal problems...Yeah so I missed 15 minutes of my exam because of it. When I got back I was all woosey and couldn't focus! The TA was nice and supportive though, so was my prof. But I managed to get back on track and finished the exam. Phew!

I'm going to Vegas this morning! I'm sort of excited but part of me wants to stay home and watch TV since I only got off exams yesterday! Sigh. Anyways plan to take lots of pictures (with me in them hopefully - you know what I mean Winnie) and I'm definately going to go to the Star Trek Experience! Hahahah! I don't care that nobody else likes Star Trek. I do! Hahahah! Anyways I won't get back until late Christmas evening. So here's a Christmas pic for you all:

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