I had a dream I played for the Canucks. AND I scored a goal! Hahahaha! Yay my first time playing and I score a goal! Crawford was very happy. Hahaha! Ok I was pretending to be a guy and turns out there was some other girl pretending to be a guy too! She scored a goal too. Hee. After the game I went to the girl's change room (I don't think they have one in real life) because I was afraid that the guys and coach would find out that I was a girl and kick me out of the team. Well the other girl was there too and we found out each other's secret and she said it was a relief since she thought she was the only one. Heehee what a weird dream. But I scored a goal! I think I had an assist by Henrik Sedin but I'm not sure. Heh I don't even know the team we played against. But that doesn't matter I scored! Even if it is only a dream.

I'd like play hockey in real life. Eh? Eh? Eh? Any takers?

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Anonymous said...

I'd play hockey if i can do a hockey stop and if there is some way i won't lose my teeth. heh.