2nd Annual Smoking Sausage BBQ Cook-off


Last Saturday was the 2nd annual Smoking Sausage BBQ Cook-off competition was held as the last of the Livable Laneways Night Market series at Main and Broadway. Attendees got to eat and vote on specially crafted sausages made by local Mount Pleasant restaurants, with the expertise of sausage master Drews of D-Original Sausage Company for only $3. Hyde Restaurant, Eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge, The Cascade Room, The Rumpus Room and Rhizome Café all made their own version of sausage. Last year

Get your tickets! Redeem your sausages! Don't mind if I do!

 The line was already humongous by the time I got there.

After donating, we were given a plate, a voting ballot and some coloured tickets which correspond to each restaurant.

People enjoying their sausages while enjoying some music.

The Cascade Room gave us their British Banger.

eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge had a Peruvian Sausage.

Hyde Restaurant served a Chorizo Sausage. They won the competition last year.

Rhizome Cafe had a Pork Mole Sausage.

And finally The Rumpus Room had a Bacon Cheeseburger Sausage. They even threw in a lollipop! Personally this one was my favourite!

My plate! Each sausage had a coloured pick to let you identify each one. Blue = The Cascade Room, White = eight1/2, Yellow = Hyde, Red =  Rhizome Cafe, Green = The Rumpus Room. I couldn't wait to dig in!

I think this was sausage from eight 1/2 restuarant. 

 All that's left on my plate after I devoured the sausages. P=

 People voting on their favourite sausage.

 People just chilling and savouring their delicious meal!

This is the trophy the winner took home. I didn't see who won, I'd left before then BUT I found out for you, my readers.

Hyde Restaurant won "Most Unique Sausage", The Rumpus Room won "Best Tasting Sausage" and the overall winner was...The Cascade Room!

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