Dine Out Vancouver 2011 - Oru


Oru at the Fairmont Pacific Rim will be our last DineOut this year. I need to save some for next year! I took my family out yesterday night. My photo taking wasn't that great. It was very dark and I'm still fumbling around with the controls lol. Anyways, my mom loves seafood so when picking a restaurant, there always has to be scallops. And Oru had scallops AND lobster in its main! We ordered everything on the menu except for the Braised Yellow Lentils. I tried the Sake Kasu Sablefish for appitizer (recommended by our waiter) and oh it was so delicious! Pick the sablefish if you are going to go to Oru! Tender, moist and seasoned just right. Lovely appitizer. It seemed we waited for our main course for a while though. I guess they expect many patrons to drink and talk but we were all getting hungry and there was unfortunately no bread basket to snack on because it is a Pan-Asian restaurant. For the main course my dad tried the Tandoor Roasted Lamb Loin and the three of us had the Roasted Scallops & Lobster Dumpling. It was so yummy! My dad didn't like the squash risotto that came with the lamb but I liked it so I helped him finish it. I love risotto. It was slightly on the richer side though. I was going to try the Coconut Cheesecake but I opted to try something different and went for the Vietnamese Coffee Pannacotta. I really enjoyed it! It had a very strong coffee taste which I liked.

We parked in the underground parking lot. It is $6 if you have a meal there. Just visit the concierge in the lobby and pay there. Unfortunately there was something wrong with the machine in the lot and we couldn't get out! It was funny because we saw someone else have the same problem when we were heading inside so my dad was worrying about how we are going to get out. Luckily someone came down to rescue us. Hopefully it is fixed now.

Overall it was a lovely evening. I enjoyed dinner and I would consider revisiting if I was in the area again.

Here is Oru's full menu:
Dine Out Vancouver 2011
Baby Cos Lettuce Salad
orange, spiced almonds, coconut vinaigrette
Crispy Squid & Spicy Sausage
garlic, chili, scallions, ponzu mayo
Sake Kasu Sablefish
gingered tomatoes, sweet miso sauce 
Tandoor Roasted Lamb Loin
crispy lamb croquette, squash risotto, sultana raisins, roasted eggplant
Roasted Scallops & Lobster Dumpling
sweet potato and chili, caramelized pineapple, black garlic emulsion
 Braised Yellow Lentils
vegetable pakora, tomato chutney, swiss chard 
Dark Chocolate Pudding
passion fruit, sesame 
Vietnamese Coffee Pannacotta
condensed milk, avocado 
Coconut Cheesecake
lychee, mango


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