Lunarfest 2012

Lunarfest was back again this weekend and it was still the aquarium theme.

 It's the Chinese Year of the Dragon so where were paper dragon hats everywhere!

It is basically almost the same display...There were a few additions but there wasn't a lot of community-made lanterns. Those were adhered to the sides of the exhibit. Here were some of my favourites:



There was a shadow puppet show and  buckets that moved up and down...I'm guessing they are suppose to be hermit crabs? It was hard to tell what they were suppose to be. =/


These lanterns were cool. I like the colours.


Heehee I liked the grey white shark. Kids could climb in from its side and they were pretending to be eaten!

Later the shark swam out to Granville and Georgia Street to lead people to the Lunarfest! lol

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