[Photos] Simple Plan Concert with MTrench, TKWC & AllTimeLow


Saturday night was the Simple Plan concert! I was really excited to go since I love their song Jet Lag and also Marianas Trench was performing!
These Kids Wear Crowns

 These Kids Wear Crowns started playing their famous (and also my fave) Jump Start!

All Time Low
All Time Low started a lingerie collection! You can see all of them hanging off the microphone stand. LOL

Next up was my favourite Marianas Trench, a band based in Vancouver! The lead singer Josh Ramsay came out of a box. Watch the video! (Sorry the ending was cut off. My camera overheats when taking video.)

Josh is such a talented singer and has awesome hair! It was silver glitter that night! Woo loved it!

Finally Simple Plan came on. They had a very funny video intro but because of some technical difficulties, we weren't able to hear the sound in the last bit! "Where's my white tiger? How do you expect me to be a party  animal out there when I don't have an animal in my backstage environment?!!!"


You say good morning when it's midnight, going out of my head alone in this bed
My heart heart heart is so jet lagged

Simple Plan are party animals even without the white tiger! It was an awesome concert!

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