Artisan Tea Bar August Tasting

On Sunday, I checked out Artisan Tea Bar on Fraser Street. Seems like there a lot more cool little food places along Fraser Street now. It's really coming the next Main Street! I found out about this tasting event on their Instagram. I heard that a few weeks back, there was a tasting for their drink menu and on Sunday, it was a tasting for their new September food menu.

For the public to try was: Bacon Chutney Grilled Sandwiches, Chickpea Chutney Grilled Sandwiches, Mediteranean Quinoa Salad and Tomato Lentil Soup. They all tasted pretty good. I liked the Bacon Chutney Grilled Sandwich the best.

It'll be a shame not to try a tea beverage at a tea bar...but when I saw the sign for crazy summer smoothies featuring a DURIAN. I knew I had to to order the Crazy Durian smoothie. I liked it. Smelled so good (to me at least hahah) and tasted heavenly with a hint of lychee.

And if I had read the menu a little closer, I would have known that I could have added Tapioca Pearls, Coconut Jelly or Jelly Bits at no extra charge. Doh!

I'll definitely visit again. They have this roast green tea frappé that is suppose to taste like coffee! 

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