Game of Thrones Exhibition at the PNE

The Pacific National Exhibition is opening this Saturday and fair-goers are in for a treat especially if they are Game of Thrones fans. Vancouver will be the last stop in HBO's traveling Game of Thrones Exhibit, which will take the viewers into the enchanting world of Westeros.

I was lucky to be invited to a garden party and preview of the Game of Thrones exhibit two days before it launches! Guests mingled and noshed on finger foods while waiting for the exhibit to be open to us.

I brought Drogon with me to the event!

A live string duet provided the soundtrack to the evening playing songs from the television series. They ended the evening with a bang by playing the Game of Thrones theme song!

I thought it was cool that each House had a drink at the bar.

The decoration was a nice touch to the evening.

White Walkers also graced us with their presence, terrorizing guests. 

 I look almost too happy to be caught by White Walkers, about to have my brains eaten. Haha I have to work on my expressions! 

Kudos to Tattoos For Now for doing the make up! It took FOUR HOURS to transform these guys into White Walkers.

Later on, the lovely actress, Sibel Kekilli who plays "Shae" made an appearance.

Finally we were allowed to go in and explore the Game of Thrones Exhibition!
You can also download an augmented reality "Conquer the North" app to enhance your experience available on the iOS and Android devices.

The Exhibit showcases the costumes and props used in the making of the Game of Throne television series. The costumes are exquisite and the detail is stunning! Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to see at the Exhibit:

Besides costumes and props, you will also be able to sit on the Iron Throne and have your picture taken while on it!
What do you think? Does a dragon have the rightful claim to the Iron Throne?

My favourite part of the Exhibit was the "Ascend the Wall" attraction. This 60 second experience will really get you immersed into the World of Westeros. You will be able to virtually take an elevator to the top of the Wall, a short walk through the barracks and then stand at the edge of the Wall. Looking through the Oculus Rift headset, combined with wind and shaking a platform, makes it seem you are really are on the Wall. So if you are afraid of might want to avoid this! Even I got a little scared at the end but I think it's a must try experience!    

I should have brought Jon along for the White Walkers to play with but a dragon is almost as good!

The Game of Thrones Exhibit is a must of any Game of Thrones fan and guaranteed to create new fans as well. The exhibit will be free of charge to enter with your entrance fee to the Fair at the PNE, which will be on from Saturday, August 16 to Monday, September 1st. If you are at the exhibit, remember to snap a photo or video and share it using #GOTExhibit! And if you haven't watched the Game of Thrones yet, the first three seasons are out on DVD and blu-ray; get to it now!  

Thank you HBO for a delightful evening in the world of Westeros!

Edit: Make sure you go early to the PNE and get a ticket (free) to the exhibit right away! You get an assigned time to visit the exhibit. Some people didn't know this and missed out!

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