4th Annual Smoking Sausage BBQ Competition Cook-Off

Last Sunday, the 4th annual smoking sausage BBQ competition was held during Main Street Autumn Shift Festival. For a minimum $5 donation for the Vancouver Food Bank, attendees go to try six different types of specially crafted sausages made by local Main Street restaurants and vote for their favourite one.

This year's contestants were:
Mr Brownstone Gastropub,
eight 1/2 restaurant lounge,
Thyme to Indulge
The Mad Brit Sausage Company,
The Cascade Room and
Northwest Culinary Academy

Mr. Brownstone Gastropub put some kind of salsa on their sausage.

NorthWest Culinary Academy served D-Original German Bratwurst with House Made Kimchi and House Made Cucumber Mayo. I thought the sausage was great but the kimchi was too spicy for me! Hot! Hot! Hot!

My favourite was the Cascade Room. They had a bacon and sauerkraut infused sausage with heirloom tomato ketchup, bacon butter and crispy onions. YUMMY!

 eight1/2's creation was a bison sausage with pickled cabbage.

The Mad Brit Sausage Co. served a Lamb Spinach & Feta Sausage and Thyme to Indulge made a German Bratwurst with a Smokey Bacon Aioli topped with Pickled Balsamic Peppers and Onions.

The Cascade Room ended up winning the cook-off! Double bacon, and crispy onions - what's not to like?

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