Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour with Tegan & Sara

Last week Wednesday, I attended the Katy Perry concert with my sis! I didn't have a chance to post since I've been pretty busy but better late than never! I like Katy Perry's music but what sealed the deal for me was that Tegan & Sara opening for her! I could go see them all at once! Yay! Sorry for the low quality photos in advance. I just took them with my phone; didn't want a big camera to get in the way of the dancing! Woot woot!

Farras started the concert off. He had really funky hair.  His music wasn't bad as well.

I was really excited when Tegan and Sara took the stage afterwards. They sang all the songs I liked including I'm Not Your Hero, I was a Fool for Love, Closer, and all their other popular songs from their HeartThrob album. They even sang Everything is Awesome from the LEGO movie! They are so awesome. I love their bantering on stage. 

Katy Perry came on stage, starting strong with Roar. Her concert was one big conglomerate of fun, random themes, full of set and costume changes, sparkles and lights - just the way I like it! Haha. At one point Katy Perry and her dancers were dressed as cats. Kitty Purry her name was and she sang a different updated version of Hot N Cold, which was pretty cool! She ended with a bang, performing Fireworks with real fireworks and light going off in the background. She also had the audience put on paper glasses that gave us "Prismvision" hahah! I really enjoyed the concert Dancing to Katy Perry's songs are always so much fun!


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