Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Boulevard opened its doors a few weeks ago and K and I went with our friend Nat to try out the place at lunchtime during the first week it opened. Located at the Sutton Place Hotel, the place was nicely decorated. 

We were given complementary bread to snack on while we waited for our orders. They weren't really warm but free bread is free bread. I love how they put the butter dish in a sea urchin shell.

We also ordered a few kushii oysters. They were priced "at market" $4. This is pricer than some other places that I've been to. Maybe we pay for the nice plating because I was impressed with that. The oysters came on a bed of rocks and seaweed.   

 oceanwise read island mussels 18  white wine, smoked tomato, basil, leek
I and Nat tried the Read Island Mussels and I loved them. They were very big and plump and the white wine sauce was delicious! I used the bread to soak up the sauce. Yum! 
 grilled duck sausage pizza 19  oyama’s truffle duck sausage, carbonara sauce, young kale, garlic confit, fontina
K tried the Grilled Duck Sausage Pizza. This was pretty good too!

Overall the food was ok but we had to wait sooooo long in between dishes - even between the bread and the oysters. I didn't see a reason for this since it didn't look very busy. Maybe they had to work out some kinks during their first week.

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Steve said...

OMG this looks AMAZING!!! You are like the West Coast version of The Asian Pear!!!

Jenny said...

Hahah I am?! But I don't blog about finance! lol