UBC Apple Festival

It's fall! And that means apples! The annual UBC Apple Festival was held on Sunday, October 19 at the UBC Botanical Garden. This was the first time I've attended; the heavy rain put me off from going the last few years but this year the weather was pretty nice!   

There was music, apple tastings, and apple related food to purchase.

Apple tastings were $5 but M, K and I opted to skip it. We weren't sure we could eat so many apples - we had our hearts set on pie.

There were three apples that we could taste for free. This golden one was called Aurora Gold. I liked it the most. It was very sweet.

This one was a new kind of apple; so new it doesn't have a name yet. It kind of reminded me of a Fuji apple but a little more tart.

We found the apple pie! There was regular apple pie and apple-raspberry pie available for $4 each. We were looking to buy a whole pie until we saw the $32 price. Yikes! I would have thought a whole pie would be cheaper than a slice.

 It was delicious but it would have been better if it had been warm...and maybe with some vanilla ice cream!

I also got some yummy Ginger Gold apple chips to go.

Some other foods for sale was caramel apple popcorn, candied apples, and apple cider.

An obscene amount of different varieties of apples to purchase as well!

Apples were also on display. They came in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some had insides that were unique as well!

After looking at the apples, we watched cider being made with a cider press.

Tried a little bit of it as well. It's apple juice. Haha.

The festival was fun! We wandered around all the different areas, like the scarecrow field and the kids corner where lots of kids were playing in a huge pile of leaves.

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