Fresh St. Market Halibut Festival 2015


BC Halibut is local and sustainable so what better way to celebrate the start of halibut season than to host a BBQ? Now on its 3rd year, Fresh St. Market's annual Halibut Festival, held on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015, draws more and more people each year.

Attendees enjoyed a halibut burger and a drink for only $5. My recommendation is to arrive early if you want to attend the BBQ next year. The lineup was up to 45 minutes long!

 The staff works pretty fast as they can!

You can also request "crispy bits"; they'll add the bits of halibut that fell away from the main patty to your burger. Mmmm.

Besides, the BBQ, there was a 32 feet fishing filled with halibut to explore and Holly and DJ Flipout from Virgin Radio were also outside, busting out some tunes, next to the OceanWise booth. While in-store there were samples to try and also 10,000 lbs of halibut on sale!

 Halibut can grow to a humongous size! This one fish is 153 lbs!

It was a fun little festival!

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