Pizza Is Coming: Telus #OptikDelivers Free GOT Themed Pizzas


TELUS delivers pizza! As part of a beta program, Telus is currently randomly giving their OptikTV subscribers a large Game of Throne's themed Flying Wedge pizza. They will be delivering about 8,100 themed pizzas through the majority of the Game of Thrones season. Each of the pizzas comes in a box designed by one of four artists, James Jirat Patradoon, Alexandra Snelgrove, Yaiagift and Dennis Chow, and is inspired by one of the four houses in the show.

I ordered the House Stark pizza: the Dietwolf. Haha I loved how all the pizzas had clever pizza names that are related to the show: Dietwolf for House Stark, Iron Pepperthroni for House Lannister, Sausage and Baratheonion for House Baratheon, and Khalizza for House Targaryen.

The awesome box art is by Alexandra Snelgrove, Sometimes it is delivered by white walkers as well! Mine was delivered by an ordinary person but I still was excited about it.

The Dietwolf is a pizza with cheese, chicken, pesto and roasted red peppers.

Ghost can't wait to dig into the Dietwolf.

I decided to turn pizza night into a Game of Thrones party and that meant feast! Bread and salt, strawberries and sweetgrass, apples, grapes, pears, cheese, sausages.

We even had ginger ale.

If only I ordered the pizza the correct day. Hahah. It was an epic fail since I accidentally ordered the pizza for the next day instead. Telus tried really hard to help me but unfortunately, the Flying Wedge was way too busy to change my order. Oh well! The pizza was delicious anyways the next day!

Thanks Telus! Optik really delivers!

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